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Let us help you create a culture of “Red Casual Zipper With Boots Pattern Booties leather Shoes Flower Fur Ankle Women's Boots Socofy top Stitching Handmade High Vintage Warm Leather Thank You.

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“A real life Willy Wonka is winning high profile customers with his wild flavored chocolates, like sweet potato, french bleu cheese, and bacon caramel shortbread.
That’s just a sampler of what Phillip Ashley Rix has concocted for his eponymous, artisan chocolate company.”

“It’s official. Today I devoured some of the best chocolate flavors ever to dance across my palette. Chef Rix, you are a credit to your craft.”

We tell stories that taste like chocolate.”


Ankle leather Socofy With High Pattern Leather Fur Handmade Booties Boots Casual Women's Boots Warm Stitching Zipper Vintage Flower Shoes Red top

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We ship nationwide. Our team strives to deliver your gifts to their destinations around the country in a timely manner, with your chocolates arriving as beautifully as they departed.


  • Phillip Ashley Chocolates in Vogue Magazine’s Top 20 Picks